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The Digital Fight Is On. And It's All About The Money.


It's getting feisty in digital music land. The battle between musicians and companies like Pandora who pay to play their music is getting heated. Over 100 artists, crossing all genres, fired a warning shot at Pandora for trying to cut into their piece of the pie (see next story).

It's an interesting tightrope the two sides have to walk and the artists made it clear yesterday that calling on Congress to fight their battles has rubbed them the wrong way. Without music to play, these online music companies won't have to worry about making a profit, they would cease to exist. And without online players like Pandora, these artists would be walking away from a lot of money they are making because of these new innovations.

The organization recently created to lobby for a "fair playing field," the Internet Radio Fairness Coalition (IRFC), issued a quick follow-up statement to the open letter posted by the musicians. “The Internet Radio Fairness Coalition believes that we and the artists all want the same thing — a growing Internet radio industry that helps artists. The Internet Radio Fairness Act will help accomplish that goal. We respect the artists’ concerns and are willing to work with them through the legislative process to create a healthy, sustainable, growing Internet radio business that benefits them as well as labels, distributors and consumers.”

It may be the words "legislative process" that keeps the two sides at odds. Musicians have made it clear with their letter that legislation is not the way they want this to go. 

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