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Glenn Beck Will be at Forecast


How do you know when it's really love? Glenn Beck will show you at Forecast. If you love someone, you want them to love you back. It's only natural. Listeners love radio, and they always have; it's a relationship no other medium can match. And now more than ever, they want radio to love them back -- and show it. Today's listeners have vibrant, active lives online, and they want their favorite radio personalities to be right there with them, and of course you don't want to disappoint them. But how can you make it happen?

At Radio Ink's Forecast, set for November 28 in New York, Glenn Beck will tell you. Yes, he's a top-rated talk personality -- his Premiere-syndicated show is the third-highest-rated in the country -- but he's also got a formidable presence in digital and social media. TheBlaze, his popular TV and online news, information, and entertainment network, is delivering quality programming day and night, and at, listeners and fans can listen to the show, read Beck's blog, and find out his thinking on all the major issues of the day. And all of it is built around giving the listeners what they want, exactly when and how they want it.

At Forecast, Beck will explain, in his trademark frank and witty style, how to empower your personalities to build the same kind of deep relationships with their audience.

"The audience relationship is much more than a three-hour-a-day habit," says Beck. "It's a 24/7, when-they-want-it dynamic. Radio is a thriving business, and we are fortunate to have such great trust with the audience."

As more new and competing media come online, the need to inspire listener love and loyalty, and to respond in kind, is going to grow even more. At Forecast, you can learn, from a master, exactly how to make it happen.

Radio Ink's Forecast is the radio industry's exclusive financial conference, gathering radio owners, CEOs, CFOs, group executives, and managers with Wall Street and private equity investors and analysts to forecast the upcoming year. Well informed and noted economic, political, and media participants present trends, opportunities, projections, and analytical commentary on the state of business, especially as it impacts media. Now in its 10th year, Forecast has become the premium event in radio financial circles. The event is held at the Harvard Club in New York City and is closed to the press.

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(4/13/2013 4:58:00 AM)
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- NY
(11/12/2012 8:32:19 PM)
Yes really. Well done Radio Ink! He is a fantastic radio personality and should be featured.

- Seth Murphy
(11/12/2012 12:24:30 AM)
Glenn Beck? Really?... Please. Glenn Beck should be running a KKK meeting, and not be recognized at a mainstream radio industry conference.

- Bob MacKay

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