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WTOP Top Billing Station in America at $57 Million.

CBS, Clear Channel and Bonneville own the 10 highest billing stations in the country. BIA/Kelsey just released the list and Bonneville's WTOP outbilled Clear Channel's KIIS in Los Angeles by $3 million. WTOP, an all news station, in Washington DC is an interesting station for a couple of reasons. It is in market number 9, compared to the other nine stations on the list. None of them are below market 3. And, WTOP in in the middle of being sold from Bonneville to Hubbard. That deal is expected to close in the very near future.

Here is the entire list:
WTOP     $57,225,000    News Format    Washington DC (9)     Bonneville
KIIS         $43,000,000    CHR                  L.A. (2)                     Clear Channel
WCBS     $49,000,000    News                 N.Y (1)                      CBS
KFI          $46,000,000    News/Talk         L.A. (2)                      Clear Channel
WLTW    $44,300,000     Lite AC             N.Y. (1)                      Clear Channel
WHTZ     $43,000,000     CHR                 N.Y (1)                       Clear Channel
WBBM    $42,500,000     News                Chicago (3)                 CBS
WINS      $41,000,000     News                N.Y. (1)                      CBS
WFAN     $40,500,000    Sports               N.Y. (1)                      CBS
KROQ     $39,000,000    Alternative         L.A.                             CBS  

(4/12/2012 4:24:17 PM)
1. Interesting how everyone else is reporting different numbers like WTOP at $64M. Try for instance.
2. You've got KIIS at $43M followed by WCBS at $49M...huh? By the way, WCBS is not in LA.
Other than that, great piece...

- Greg

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