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NPR, Other Pubcasters Team On Digital Content Platform

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(6/16/2010 2:14:54 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Way cool! A kaleidoscopic, magic public media software spectacle!

The overpaid elites who call themselves professionals at NPR and PBS now have one more tool with which to try to maintain their power to shape the limits of "acceptable" debate.

Jump for joy!

No, what they offer is not a partnership. It is rather an extension of a very unequal relationship in which they are the parent and we are the child, waiting with our bibs on for our information and culture to be spoon fed to us.

Unless this power relationship between "professional" and "public" is reversed - stood upon its head - we are doomed to repeat all of the failures of the past only this time with better technology and on a grander scale.

The real issue has nothing to do with software or money.

It is instead whether those with marginalized perspectives will not only create stories to tell but also grasp the present rare juncture via whatever methods are needed and wholly re-envision our public media system as a public school district for all.

About 94% of Americans living in school districts here in the U.S. elect their public school board trustees.

But 0% of Americans receiving the signal of an NPR or PBS station have any direct say whatsoever in who is chosen to sit on their public broadcasters' board of trustees.

- Scott Sanders

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