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MMTC Cites 'No Urban Dictate' From Mini Cooper Agency

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(10/6/2011 9:20:45 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
this is marketing, advertising to the market that buys their product.

John Deere also doesn't advertise much in urban areas, because not that many people in cities buy tractors either. According to the article therefore urban media outlets are "losing" those millions of dollars spent to advertise tractors in rural markets.

- bill
(8/14/2009 7:09:33 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I sold radio time for 20 years. Clients have had non-negotiable format proscriptions for decades. No matter if you had all the ratings in the world. Some wouldn't buy easy listening formats but their overriding fear was "controversy." They had become convinced that formats in which controversial subjects might be discussed were to be avoided. No exceptions, no discussion. Typical instructions would be, "NO RUSH, NO HOWARD (Stern)." The two were not similar and for some time had enormous ratings that everyone needed. Plenty of people tried to overcome this but rules against controversy were iron clad. No apologies were issued. Until now. Now you are forced to buy a format. Especially if it's urban and carries controversial talk which many do. Welcome to the police state.
- Ellen
(8/14/2009 12:55:37 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
That race card sure is getting dog-eared these days from being played so much. Let me get this straight - an advertiser has a product that is not especially popular with the black or spanish community, but not targeting scace ad dollars to those listeners is somehow racist??? Gimme a break!!!!

Radio One, et. al. need to work the same way everyone else does - you make ad money because you deliver buyers, not because you're "entitled" to it.

I remember in the early 80's when Richmond got it's first urban FM and, thanks to Arbitron's ethnic weighting, it moved into the #1 slot quickly. They picked a ton of national buys and I remember hearing Coppertone Suntan Lotion ads. This makes about as much sense.

- John in Richmond
(8/14/2009 12:14:52 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This is a problem that has existed for quite some time. Most media buyers have just been smart enough to not put the No-Urban dictate in writing. I believe there is a cultural bias which leads to a misuderstanding and disconnect with understanding the value of the Urban audience by many agencies in the industry. The big question do we get past this kind of behavior by agencies...even when the policy is not in writing?
- Mike Chandler
(8/13/2009 3:30:59 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Having a no unban dictate is not racist, it’s just plain dumb. The executive that came up with the dictate should be fired for incompetence. So much of what is deemed cool today got that way because of its association with popular urban culture and the music has been the key driver. I’m sure some smart guy with a pie chart showing who the current Mini Cooper buyer is lead to the dictate. Man once believed the earth was square as well. Urban dictates exit because companies allow executives who are out of touch with today multiethnic culture to make key decisions. I am African American, and I have worked in advertising for the past twenty years. The only thing I find offensive about no urban dictates is the sheer stupidity of marketers who allow them to creep into a media plan.

Ron Delaney

- Ron Delaney
(8/13/2009 2:23:39 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
We are not talking about Hip Hop concerts or apparel styled for a particular cultural segment. We are talking about CARS. Is there something about a Mini Cooper that prevents it from being driven by people who listen to Urban formats? Or, is there something about the agency's perception of Urban audiences that excludes them from consideration?
- Mr. White
(8/13/2009 10:02:22 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
"You will be assimilated - resistance is futile". whats wrong with you people - come join in be, a part of the collective!

The Borg individual, or Drone, is linked to the Collective by a sophisticated subspace network that ensures each member is given constant supervision and guidance.

you just need a little guidance and supervision.


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