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Clear Channel Rolls Out 'Premium Choice'

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(2/24/2015 12:33:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Premium Choice SUCKS!! They need to learn to HIRE DJ's and stop using that syndicated crap.. It doesn't work right.. If you don't know how to locally program your music, then go back to school and learn how to be a real Program Director!
- Mike
(5/29/2009 10:42:23 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I leave my home at 6:00 AM every morning for a 5 minute drive to work. The AM radio stations play annoying commercials 95% of the drive. My iPhone currently stores 1226 of my favorite songs, and hundreds of free podcasts. I can listen for 5 minutes commercial free. I realize not everyone has an MP3 player. But if you do, why would you ever want to listen to commercial radio—Clear Channel or otherwise?
- Woofie
(5/24/2009 8:02:48 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
And oh heck, the engineering.

Nighttime radio. Mishmashed, runover each other commercials. Cues and other crap being run over the running program. Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes a little longer, sometimes >>for twenty minutes<<!!!!

- Sano
(5/24/2009 7:53:27 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The ownership rules need to be knocked back so that there is choice. There's no competition. The airways are completely whored out. Replayed "live interviews".

Someone "conducting an interview" that's got one side already recorded. Gah. Every morning? Ya that's entertaining.

The exact same three headlines on the news across all CC stations in a market, every day. It's all pap.

Thanks FCC.

- Sano
(5/24/2009 7:17:48 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I agree with pretty much every other post here. When Clear Channel took over our local radio stations (pretty much ALL of them) starting in the early 90s, they almost immediately went to shit. The business model they operated on only worked while a particularly stupid generation more naive to that cookie-cutter shit was listening to radio. Thankfully, they've either given up or died, so the only people still listening are extremely unprofitable demographics. Find me an 18-30 year old male who listens to the shit that Clear Channel calls radio, and I'll find you a completely made up statistic.
- Jeremy
(5/24/2009 7:05:03 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
hey assbag. sirius is clear channel.
- butt
(5/24/2009 3:57:21 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
As a former CC jock, I can tell you this is simply the latest in a LONG line of Clear Channel agendas to make radio even more "cookie cutter" than is already is. There have been cut-n-go formats for ages. Putting the same jocks on stations everywhere was the next logical step. It's ruining radio AND it goes against the spirit of having a radio license. So far as the FCC is concerned, a station has a license so that they can serve the local community with information that pertains to the community. They don't much care about anything else. How can someone thousands of miles away serve your community? Can they look outside and tell you what the weather is like? Can they discuss local current events? They all pre-record (voice-tracking for those on the inside) their stuff anyway. If an emergency situation arises, a pre-recorded jock can't provide any new relevant information to anyone...because they aren't really there NOR do they care. It's a sad state to anyone who loves REAL radio. Unfortunately the heaving masses all want the same crap everyone else is listening to.

**ANNOUNCEMENT TO EVERYONE** Just because something is popular (clothes, food, music, TV, movies, books, etc...) DOES NOT mean that it is good!

Seriously. People will follow the crowd for the sake of following the crowd. But I digress. Bottom line, if the heads of Clear Channel think it's a good idea, it's going to make them money, piss you off, and drive the industry even further into ruin.

- Tony P

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