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Rosin: Pandora Actually Gets 11%

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(6/10/2014 1:20:58 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
"Radio is local" is the wrong approach. Pandora is already selling local ads. "Radio is Now" might be a better slogan, radio can provide breaking news and information that Pandora can't (yet). This is where AM/FM radio shines. When there is a fire, hurricane, tornado or earthquake, people won't be rushing to Pandora for information.
- Rusty Hodge
(6/8/2014 11:47:15 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
While it is frustrating to understand how to slow down the Pandora freight train, it is clear that the Wall Street pressures on the bottom line will not help us understand? The reality is that Pandora has provided our listeners and advertising clients a viable alternative that delivers a product the listeners control and advertisers covet. We have to change the way we operate and that bone breaking change will not be possible with the corporate structure we operate under. I am frustrated!

- Michael Weiss
(6/7/2014 8:24:44 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Terrestrial radio is dying! Struble can go fuck himself!
- LMFAO!!!
(6/6/2014 5:34:55 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Mitch - sorry, you're full of crap. I have a 19 year old daughter who is smart, hard-working and a competitive NCAA athlete. She listens to radio. A lot.
- John
(6/6/2014 1:21:41 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The radio industry's ongoing obsession with Pandora seems to miss the point. What they should be focusing on is the myriad of options that mobile devices (soon to include the dashboard) bring to the listener. The audience for terrestrial radio is already fragmenting especially among the younger demos. This will only accelerate. Innovation in radio has already happened, it just wasn't done by the radio industry.
- Josh
(6/6/2014 12:38:35 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Pandora is a music delivery system and it will be part of the music delivery mix ...but radio still has the opportunity to be local, something (right now) Pandora can not deliver. The more we voicetrack and syndicate we open the door for other non-radio opportunities to local listeners. We still have ability as an industry to be local and relevant by delivering more local content...Local, Local, Local!
- Jim S

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