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The Radio Brain -- Part II

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(12/13/2013 4:57:13 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content

One final explanation of the brain's activity after hearing radio commercials:
The subject is reacting to or ignoring each ad. The subject may or may not act positively depending on the subject's want or need of the commercial offer. The brain, however, is busily filing the ad information for possible future use. In the subconscious, most information lies dormant, for the time being.

- Merv
(12/13/2013 3:46:08 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Merv is re-telling my story, and it's good to know somebody else is paying attention.
Our responsibility - as generators of programming and commercials - is to make those communications as appealing, influential and (with a nod to Merv's point) - as easy to process as possible.

At those disciplines, we (radio-folk) have been abject failures. This is so, particularly since we have never adjusted our approaches. All this inactivity while the field has been making enormous leaps and is being applied in so many other environments.
We are the stuck-in-the-muds. :)

- Ronald T. Robinson
(12/13/2013 2:49:42 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content

Radio commercials, if heard (attentively or inattentively) are indeed processed by the subject's brain.
The subject has only a small amount of control over this process. The human brain is in control. The brain sorts through the audio messages, while the subject, almost as a separate entity, decides whether or not to pay attention. The subject then may reject acting on the message or act upon it during an unspecified period of time. The brain, meanwhile, is busy with it's own tasks.

- Merv
(12/13/2013 2:10:09 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Yes, indeed, Merv. Thus, my shout of "Halleluyah!"after the comment about recall being unnecessary for behavior to happen.

At certain volumes - "Heard", to be sure, at an unconscious level. But, not necessarily processed as well as we would want because of the other dynamics mentioned in the (above) and previous article.

My hope is that others will begin to appreciate that this business of communicating effectively by way of an electronic medium is a far more sophisticated proposition than any of us ever considered at the beginning of our careers.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(12/13/2013 12:17:08 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ron, You say "most radio commercials are forgotten....before the cluster is over."
You're aware, of course, that all radio commercials, if the volume level is at a 'hearable' level, are heard? Provided the subject is not speaking or listening to other audio, such as another person nearby speaking to the subject?
The commercials are not only being heard but being processed in one of two ways.

- Merv

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