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The Radio Brain -- Part II

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(12/15/2013 2:48:50 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Of course, Merv - automatically and unconsciously. No choice-points in that dynamic. I mean, sorting a gazillion bits of information from all quaters is far from a conscious process.

Meanwhile, when I am wearing my H/R-hat, I sometimes wonder if "making choices" is a conscious function at all - maybe just a human potential... to be realized someday in a distant future.
(But, that's an esoteric conversation and is about a coat of a completely different color.) :)

- Ronald T. Robinson
(12/15/2013 2:00:27 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This must be Ron's version of "IF you like your health care plan, you can keep it." I quote Ron 12/14/13 8:12:12 p.m.
"I think it important to point out that the Radio Brain does not file away....
for recall..."
"What it does do... is default info to the Trash."

- Merv

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