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Radio's Love for Ron Ruth Continues to Flow in

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(11/22/2013 9:55:53 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ron was a great guy who did not know a stranger. My kids loved to see him at board meetings. Monica and I will truly miss him!
- Mike Carter
(11/22/2013 9:53:17 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content

- Mike ca
(11/21/2013 5:21:31 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ron Ruth was the greatest friend a young (or old) broadcaster could have. He will be missed.
- Frank Woodbeck
(11/21/2013 3:26:36 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I was truly sadden to learn of Ron's passing. He was an extraordinary man, with whom I was privileged to know, work and share a laugh with during our time together at Transtar Radio Networks in Colorado Springs.

My condolences to his family.

- Larry Shipp
(11/21/2013 1:44:50 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ronnie, you're the best friend I ever had! Everyone who knew you feels the same way too. We shared some great laughs and great times. Love you and see you soon, pal.
- Neil Sargent
(11/20/2013 3:52:01 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ron knew something about our business but he never told me. I picked it up just from watching him. He was the best teacher. The very best.
- Bill Wayland
(11/20/2013 2:51:11 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Always a smile and a great sense of humor. A dedicated Radio Guy. Right now I'm sure he's organizing a foursome in Heaven.
- John Krogstad

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