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Heritage Rocker WRCN-FM To Become “LI News Radio”

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(11/16/2013 12:01:16 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Only way this format might succeed is on 97.5 that covers the entirety of Long Island.

103.9 doesn't even cover the entirety of Suffolk County.

- Bitter Mets Fan
(11/16/2013 11:55:01 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
They have too much respect for us to flip the format in secret??? BULLSHIT. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. Their only concern may have been for the advertisers. I believe, and I hope, this new format will fail.

- Anastasia Zoas
(11/16/2013 5:12:43 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Sounds like a long overdue idea.
- Bill Sobel

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