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Arbitron Execs Get Whacked by Nielsen

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(10/2/2013 12:54:15 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Even though this shouldn't enter in as a legitimate part of the equation, I still wonder what might happen if the resources poured into the "book banditos" were to be redirected to the staffing and training of a fantastic Creative Department....
- Ronald T. Robinson
(10/2/2013 10:23:41 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Any station that can demonstrate ROI for its advertisers "don' need no stinking book."

At that point, a station rep can approach national agencies and say, "So, youse guys want a piece of this, or what?"

- Ronald T. Robinson
(10/2/2013 9:16:11 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
We paid for this lousy book for 30 years...finally out of their contract and biz has actually not dropped off a bit. Neilsen really needs to overhaul arbitron from the way it crushes it's numbers which mathematically have never made any sense because their is no "pie" left for any stations beyond the top 4-5 in a market, to the way they display their tired old information. Not to mention the burned out instructors who would come by the station for training. WOW!
- Knuckledragger

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