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What Is Nielsen's Plan For Radio?
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Make Employee Morale Skyrocket

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As much as I admire Roy for his knowledge and skill-sets, I believe he swung too early on this one and drove a line drive foul directly into his own dugout - which ricocheted around and took out four "starters".

This is contemporary radio, after all, where staff are continuously having to put up with incompetent management and, in the process, are forced to skulk around on eggshells - waiting for the (inevitable) summons. All this while attempting to do the jobs of three missing ("no longer with us") colleagues.

To apply Roy's own choice of analogy, radio is in a situation where to fake an enthusiasm in lieu of expressing a legitimate grievance is similar to accepting King George's tyranny and reluctantly bowing the knee to a foreign king and country.

Besides, blowing out the chronically dissatisfied is what would, finally, turn radio into something akin to the automated soda dispenser down the hall - something that management would welcome.

Audiences and advertisers - not so much.

Plus, Roy makes a dandy living with radio IN SPITE OF the shoddy machinations of modern radio management. He does this because of his profound understanding of the impact of frequencies and because he insures even greater success by supplying outstanding commercial production.

Blowing off the righteously indignant is no answer to future successes for any radio station or group.

However, given Roy's overall batting average, I would invite him to step up to the plate again - anytime. And for MY team. :)

- Ronald T. Robinson

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