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DQb958 I really like and appreciate your blog post. Much obliged.
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lC5gPB A big thank you for your blog post.Thanks Again. Awesome.
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RBBwwe Really informative article.Much thanks again. Great.
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(7/3/2013 7:08:39 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Refreshing take from "Roadkill".
Indeed, I took a well-known phenomena (cults) - complete with their equally well-known admonitions and adherence to dogma, and used that as an analogy to satirize the state of radio.

That the analogy works so well is the freaky part.

Meanwhile, trotting out "good works" as a defense against an offense that wasn't even offered also speaks volumes. But this space is neither appropriate or useful for that discussion.

Plus, if a proferred strategy can't be demonstrated, it doesn't also constitute as a methodology.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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