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Jumping Off The Bridge

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You had better be more careful!Pay more attention to the tenses.
mercurial ix

- mercurial ix
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QhTLp1 Wow, great blog post.Really thank you! Cool.
- NY
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H9yxx2 Very neat blog article. Awesome.
- NY
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While the challenges Wayne presents are all mighty and real, except for the delusional who refuse to consider his comments, there is still a 60-foot Anaconda in the room that eats elephants, hippos and 800-pound gorillas.

Radio will never, repeat: never rise to its potential - even as sales techniques demonstrated by the able and applied by the willing do improve.

Until and/or unless the industry gets a hold of its understanding of commercial production, and takes titanic steps to correct that situation, we will continue to be the grossly under-performers.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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