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Long-time Jock Bill Bailey Dies At 66

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daniel_bernath2 hours ago
I was Bill's newscaster, going by the name Daniel Abernathy in Detroit at WDRQ. I loved the guy. My PD said it was hero worship. He just seemed like the most big time jock I had ever met and I got to work with him-a privilege.

- Daniel Abernathy WDRQ News on BBailey Show
(6/16/2013 1:17:19 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I feel very sad at Bill's passing. As a teenager in Louisiana, I used to listen to Bill Bailey on WLS at night. Bill inspired me to pursue a career in major market radio, and he gave me my first chance at WDRQ in Detroit. Working with Bill was always fun, and I think I learned more from him than from anyone else in my radio career. I also worked with him at WIXY in Cleveland, KSLQ in St. Louis, and WKYS in Washington. Along with being a great boss, Bill was a great friend. John Letz, Oregon
- John Letz
(6/13/2013 3:14:02 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I grew up listening to Bill Bailey on WDRQ, the only stationed I listened to growing up. He and WDRQ was the reason I got into radio. Later I had the pleasure and honor of being hired by and working for Bill Bailey. He was a mentor and later became my friend. Bill made everyone feel as if they mattered and were important because to him, they were. Two employees doing CPR, that's how much everyone wanted that spirit to stay with us still. God Speed Bill, just follow the music.....
- Kim Carson
(6/13/2013 3:00:45 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Bill Bailey is a giant of a man. Bill is one of those kind and peaceful people you rarely meet. Thank you Radio Ink for being the first to cover this story nationally.
- Mark Westcott

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