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Making Sales Meetings Better!

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(6/10/2013 3:19:51 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Do you think any client is going to sign up for a "guest speaker" gig at 4 o'clock on a Friday?

By 4 o'clock on Friday, I am either playing golf, enjoying cocktails or about to have dinner with that valued client. More micro-managed nonsense. 3 meetings a week? Maybe back in the day when Herb Tarleck was selling. You've been watching Glengarry Glenross too many times.

- Kelly
(6/10/2013 11:40:41 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
(this is part 2 of my comment) and trying to make money off of other people's work. Top-notch managers do NOT need outside "consultants" to do their job for them. Consultants are total interference and a costly distraction, from professional managers and salespeople, doing their job. And Radio Ink could better use the space, to talk about actual advertiser success stories and ideas!
- Robert
(6/10/2013 11:34:53 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This column appears to be written to patronize some station owners and GM's...those who are obsessed with micro-managing. And this is indicative of a (bigger) problem with Radio Ink...way, WAY too many "consultants" on here, pontificating sales theories and making generalizations about how sales managers and salespeople should do their job. Well, if you are not ACTUALLY SELLING or managing at stations, you are just that...someone more than likely out of touch, and trying to make money
- Robert
(6/10/2013 10:38:35 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Trivial assignments, 8am and 4pm meetings, ask the GM? If I had a question for the GM, I would go into his office and ask him. If a manager in our market (Los Angeles) did any of these things, he or she wouldn't be a manager very long because all his sales people would quit and go across the street. Let your sellers sell. Stop wasting their valuable time and let them bring in dollars.
(6/10/2013 3:06:07 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It's not my job to teach. It's my job to sell.
- Tina
(6/10/2013 2:51:40 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
There's a reason all the good radio sales people have left radio, because of idiotic ideas like 3 sales meetings a week. Good god man! This has got to be a joke article!!!! Hilarious!
(6/10/2013 2:47:41 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Talk about a waste of time. When are the sellers supposed to be selling? 3 meetings a week? Are you nuts. If the station I worked for had 3 meetings a week I would go across the street and sell for the competition. Same goes for 4pm meetings on Fridays or before holidays. Brain storming? Ask the GM? Start paying me a salary instead of commission and maybe I'll consider it. Highly doubtful though, I didn't get into sales to teach or share my secrets.
- T

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