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(6/8/2013 9:39:43 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It needs to be recognized that Roy - with a combination of his skills - represents a unique individual plying his trade in radio.

Meanwhile, I question Phil as to where the term "purist" a. Came from. and, b. has what to do with anything...? (I will own the "cynical comment.)

- Ronald T. Robinson
(6/7/2013 11:38:37 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Indeed, Roy is a master at providing appropriate and powerful buys for his clients. I wouldn't dare invade that space for any reason. Plus, he types some pretty mean "hype", as well. The combination makes magic.

In the meantime, I'm going to insist that the vast majority of radio-folk are still clueless as to the actual impact of radio or how to present it even better.

Fact: Bad stations providing poor commercial content are still on the air - although just barely in many cases - only because the medium itself still retains an innate and persuasive power.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(6/5/2013 2:39:50 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Very good, Roy. Any station that does a reasonably good job has an audience. Even the ones that sound hokey to radio people have a good audience.
Look at Ron Robinson's comments compared to Roy Williams and you can see who has a good grasp of the mass audience's behavior (Williams) and who thinks like the cynical purist (Robinson).Radio has underpriced itself for years.

- Phil
(6/5/2013 12:29:45 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
What about those stations that don't subscribe to rating services? How do you your buyers work with them?
- Heidi

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