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Pai Continues Mission To Save AM Dial

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(6/3/2013 5:49:48 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
There should be just ONE "DIAL" with
ALL stations on it and ALL sounding the
SAME. C'mon Engineers!

- Gary Ratcliff
(6/3/2013 5:49:15 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
There should be just ONE "DIAL" with
ALL stations on it and ALL sounding the
SAME. C'mon Engineers!

(6/3/2013 3:17:00 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Mr. Lotsof-

Them be fightin' words from a big 'valuable' FM station that broadcasts to a national forest. Hope them coyotes have lots of cash to spend!

Yeee Hawwww!

- Buzz Bennet
(6/3/2013 11:03:30 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Commissioner Pai should be commended by all broadcasters for continuing his advocacy to preserve the unique voices of as many AM stations as possible. Our industry can no longer tolerate the kind of "I've got mine, who cares about your problems" attitude expressed by commentator Lotsof.
The greatly increased interference inflicted upon the AM band in recent years can be compared to the destruction caused by a natural disaster. Who is heartless enough to tell a tornado victim that it was his own fault that he choose to live where one hit?
The increased selectivity of all car radios negates the argument of over congestion on the dial and already in place rules requiring sufficient spacing prevent interference except in fringe areas already avoided by regular listeners.
Today it is in the best interest of everyone to preserve (and hopefully expand!)unique programming to keep radio relevent and an attractive alternative to broadband.

- Pete Schartel
(6/3/2013 10:31:29 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Secondly, translators authorized for AM's should be at the maximum 250w. The lower-powered ones are virtually worthless and have little building penetration. Also, AM's should be able to sep pgm their translators up to 10% per week. This allows for special programming (sports) that can be monitized while keeping regular programming available on either the AM or FM for the regular audience.
- Iconoclast
(6/3/2013 10:23:35 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Paul, I don't have a problem with the translators for AM's. The vast majority of the problems impacting AM are the fault of the FCC. They broke it and they are now responsible to help fix the problem.
- Iconoclast
(6/3/2013 10:09:24 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
AM and all radio broadcasting would benefit if the FCC would immediately drop all public file and main studio location rules. It's regulation that's killing all radio. The FCC should stop all action except technical interference issues, including all electrical noise generators.
- Paul Dean Ford, P.E.

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