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Talent Can Em Or Keep Em

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(5/22/2013 4:58:21 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The good news, Al, is that there are ways off the rocks and on to smooth, enjoyable sailing. The key is in having someone who can handle the tiller and knows navigation.

The bonus is: It will only take a relatively short period of concerted learning, practice and the applications of new techniques and methodologies. We'll be alright.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(5/22/2013 4:20:43 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Agree with Mr. Robinson. Again, in this age of Cumulus and Clear Channel corporately programmed stations with one person doing many stations and turning out horrible radio, by cutting talent etc. And these owners wonder why nobody listens to radio anymore. For shame how they have ruined a once great business.
- Al Gordon

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