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(Expert In The Wings) Jay Clark

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When I met Jay Clark, we were on-the-air disc jockeys at WTRY in the Albany, N.Y. market. A very good top 40 station, we were the market leaders but when Jay took over the all night show (didn’t we all), his on air approach was different enough to get him listeners, management attention and eventually, a promotion to program director. Jay was an “out of the box” thinker, long before that term existed.

His career blossomed and from his resume, you can see he quickly moved up and out and, I tell him to this day, he was a cleanup hitter at the major league level when radio was king. Not only did he stay up there, he climbed a little higher when, as Executive Vice President of Sirius, he helped shape satellite radio into a viable alternative to terrestrial radio.

It’s hard for me to believe that a broadcast executive, with a mile long resume of successes is not gainfully employed. It seems like a no brainer for those independent radio companies who are up against corporate radio, not to look at a man like Jay Clark. Jay is innovative, up to date, has intimate knowledge of how corporate radio works and knows how to compete against them.

I know, as a radio lifer, that Jay Clark will make things happen for your stations as he opens the door to the world of real radio. Live, local, touching the audience with on air talent to draw listeners and advertisers to your stations is how Jay learned the radio business. He knows how it works; his track record is exemplary and he specializes in making your stations sound exciting, relevant and compelling. You will benefit from a conversation with Jay Clark regarding your business, your passion and your company. Don’t miss out on this guy. He is one of the best!

- Rick snyder

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