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PDs Talks About Tornado Coverage

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(5/22/2013 4:07:44 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The tornado made landfall, then caused many buildings to capsize.
- radiovet
(5/22/2013 10:29:36 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Sorry guys ... I quit reading at "when the tornado made landfall."

That's what hurricanes do.

Where's the credibility in our business these days?

Hype should never overshadow facts.

- G. Pyron
(5/22/2013 9:50:19 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Really troubling to hear the Director of Emergency Govenment for Oklahoma being asked what people should turn to if they don't have TV or TV is out:
"Buy and listen to a weather radio." No mention whatsoever of commercial radio. Those weather radios specialize in endless loop, outdated information.
Oh, did you notice how cell-phone service was jammed up and non-existant in many areas near Okla City.

- Radiovet
(5/21/2013 10:42:19 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Still trying to get that manjdate for iBiquity chips in cell phones? Eric, how much have you invested in iBiquity?
- Smitty
(5/21/2013 9:08:07 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Just wondering what the coverage was like on the new radio known as Pandora. Could Mr. Westergren comment since he claims Pandora is radio.
(5/21/2013 3:30:10 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content

My problem with your blog today is that radio is taking way too much credit for coverage, when a great deal of it was TV simulcasting, especially of the exceptional job KFOR 4 did.

I hear sports stations still running satellite sports, satellite music stations still doing music, a ton of TV simulcasts -- many from the same source. While there was a good effort by a few Oklahoma City broadcasters -- I was most impressed with WBAP in Fort Worth, who's 50kw blowtorch did wall-to-wall coverage for a community a hundred miles or more away.

Today, stations like KOA sent ABC's Stephen Tubbs to Moore for another viewpoint tailored for Denver. A good way to do it so that OKC broadcasters could do their own job.

And finally, the hype of, over night, "91 deaths and 41 children dead" was spread over every media source before the number was changed this morning by the medical examiner.

As Cronkite said, "Get it first, but most of all ... get it RIGHT!"

Competition be damned. Listeners in an earth shattering and life stopping event such as this don't care who's first. They want to know what's right. We got it wrong. The bane of news departments being cut back or eliminated all together.

Especially at a time, especially for AM stations who need all the help they can get in drawing audiences ... for this kind of an event. If you want the news, listen to a scanner. If you want the news right ... listen to the RADIO. That's what we do.

A news or news talk station doing a simulcast is not creative. Utilize the source, but "own it" and make it yours. OKC radio can do that, as it has before.

Broadcasters get so few chances to "get it right" in the first place. We can't always "dodge the bullet". We need to be better prepared. Two stations that I listened to almost lost their transmitting and tower facilities: One a high power FM high up on a 1500 foot TV stick, the other, a 50,000 watt AM three tower directional that is news / talk. Yes, there are mitigating circumstances ... but radio needs to work smarter and better, in my opinion.

Joe Benson
San Luis Obispo, CA

- Joe Benson

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