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What Is Nielsen's Plan For Radio?
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Nielsen's Farshad Family

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(1/31/2014 6:12:56 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
AtP6kM Great blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.
- NY
(1/8/2014 7:24:20 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
PpEkNy Great article.Much thanks again. Really Cool.
- NY
(10/25/2013 3:42:16 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
FVCVYG Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Great.
- NY
(10/15/2013 10:46:31 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
And so our contribution to the progress of higher thought continues. Treat everyone like an idiot and, in the end, there won't be any need for higher thought. Of course, that's when progress dies and we all sit around telling toilet jokes. Advertising represents humankind's lowest aspirations.
- Jack Sprowl
(5/19/2013 10:05:11 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thanks, Steve. I'll take that as a "heads-up". :)
Meanwhile, we ought not to forget the original premise that radio desperately needs more "creative" in the commercial mix. The discussions about what is appropriate or not will always continue.

This premise, by the way, is definitely not a given. Too many broadcasters operate under the assumption that, and I quote, "Creative doesn't sell!"

- Ronald T. Robinson
(5/18/2013 7:25:56 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Drinking and pills are why I got out of radio.
- Steve
(5/15/2013 9:41:25 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
"Classy"? Radio? Why start now?
Let's just chill, Steve, and have a drink and a pill. And another drink....with me. (It does help.)

- Ronald T. Robinson

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