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- Marc Jacobs
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- NY
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- NY
(4/29/2013 4:01:07 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
... but the rest of the time. . . not so much.

Sports talk and right wing bloviating just doesn't float my boat (and, to be honest, left wing bloviating would be almost as irritating and off putting).

Give me programming worth the effort to tune to it and I'll be there.

Otherwise, I'll see you on the Internet.

Or not, as the case may be.

- Steve
(4/29/2013 3:58:45 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
@Sue Hemmeke: If AM radio is your source for daily "news... and information" then I suspect you are sadly misinformed.

I've tuned to AM radio once in the last decade for news or information. That was during an area-wide power outage which knocked everything except one AM station off the air in San Diego county. I ended up listening mostly to KNX in Los Angeles to get useful information.

Now I admit that AM radio did provide useful information in that instance and I was glad it was there...

- Steve

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