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(AUDIO) Is The FM Translator AM's Savior?

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(4/12/2013 9:56:45 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Regarding the comment above I must ask, are you licensed to Evansville? If a translator is outside of your protected area, you have no right to it. Moreover, our band does not matter as much as our content. I must gain listeners one at a time. Its almost an impossible job but it IS possible. I will never get a translator because in most cases, they are allocated to the strongest companies first and the most deserving stations last.
- Fred Lundgren
(4/12/2013 9:31:01 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
What is being discussed here is not the "revitalization" of the AM band, but ideas for its death and replacement.

True revitalization requires the FCC to place conditions on AM receiver manufacturers (e.g., AMAX), dump HD, require Motorola stereo, enforce anti-interference standards, etc.

Not every AM will have an opportunity to gain an FM translator.

- Tim Coco
(4/12/2013 8:08:37 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
We are having problems reaching Evansville, IN with 98.5 since an AM station there is broadcasting their signal via and FM translator. Not in favor of it if it interferes with an FM's signal in a market. If it doesn't interfere then fine.
- Gene Kuntz

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