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Pew: "We Stand By Our Research On HD"

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(3/22/2013 10:04:02 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I will believe a respected research firm like Pew LONG before I will believe anything from iBiquity at this point.
- austinsho
(3/22/2013 8:29:00 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
My 2012 car came with an HD radio. I absolutely hear the difference. The clarity is comparable to satellite stations. To me, its like the difference between broadcasting in stereo vs. mono.
- Chris McCoy
(3/22/2013 7:30:34 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Since the majority of the public didn't care about HD Radio anyway, let's not make a big deal out of it's failings and attract more attention to it. We don't need any more bad publicity with consumers or clients in this industry. This is a tree falling in a forest, let's leave it that way.
- Dave Demer
(3/22/2013 7:13:22 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
You needed research to come to this conclusion? Ask 25 people if they've ever heard of it. Ask 25 people in the business if they bought one. It's unAmbiguous.
- Jack Kratoville
(3/22/2013 6:35:25 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Panama Jack is spot-on. And I say this as a manager of an AM/FM-HD. HD was a loser from the get-go. Usurping an already established TV term was manifestly stupid and causes confusion to this day. The idea that station and group owners would want to spend big bucks to fragment their established listener base is a business plan from hell. Carmakers are moving away from HD in favor of the "Linked" dashboard. And the only company that was more mismanaged than Ibiquity was Enron.
- Uncle Harley
(3/22/2013 6:30:47 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
HD Radio is a complete failure. Ibiquity can arm-twist the automakers, but all of the automaker TSBs proves that it doesn't work. Looks like iBiquity was unable to arm-twist Pew. It's time iBiquity folds.
- It's about time!
(3/21/2013 10:47:17 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
C'mon does anyone really believe HD Radio is anything other than folly? I'm a Radio guy but I'm sure as hell not going to rush out and spend $200 on a receiver.
Really, what Radio should have pushed for back in the late 80's was Digital Radio. That didn't happen and now Radio is at a true disadvantage. HD Radio is about as viable as UHF TV was in the 50's.

- Panama Jack

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