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What Is Nielsen's Plan For Radio?
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His Middle Name Really is Records

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(3/15/2013 7:38:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Remember John as well during those WIBBAGE years . Rick loved the fact that 'records' was really his middle name, because his middle name was really, 'Dimes'(RDB)...
- Joe Bilotta
(3/15/2013 6:10:21 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It truly is!

I worked with John at WIBG in Philadelphia (he might remember me as Bob Schumann . . . a friend of Joey Reynolds') and one time, when we were driving over to the New Jersey State Fairgrounds in Trenton . . . where we were promoting a concert featuring, among others, The Grass Roots, he whipped out his driver's license and showed me that, yes indeed, Records was his middle name.

I never doubted him for a minute.

Neat guy . . . great enthusiasm . . . and did we have dune buggies!!!

- Charlie Roberts

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