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His Middle Name Really is Records

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- NY
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I'd been in radio for a yr or so in South Jersey while still in h.s. My mom drove me to WIBG to meet Joey Reynolds (who I later worked with). Instead I got to meet "Scott Walker" who soon aftetwards began using his real name...JRL! The cross-overs between Joey & Landecker @ 10 p.m. (& that whole group of talented personalties encouraged by Rick Buckley) was the reason many of us pursued our careers in the art of radio~ I'm now in my 21st yr at WDRC-FM Hartford/Buckley Radio CT
Jerry Kristafer

(3/18/2013 6:00:44 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The suggestion that talent - the likes of all those icons - is no longer around is, of course, pure nonsense.

The problems are at least two-fold: They (the talent) have to be found and hired, and they have to be trained - better trained than any of the guys we grew up admiring.

Why? Because the competition from other media is greater, the audience is a lot better informed and fickle, and the stakes are higher.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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