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WPHT Philadelphia Hires Dick Morris

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(12/19/2013 3:58:13 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Morris is a MISHUGINA, who should not be believed, when relating the time I licked lox-flavored cream cheese off Monica's cunt.
- Bill Clinton
(11/1/2013 8:01:27 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
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- Chloie
(10/26/2013 8:23:22 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
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- NY
(3/15/2013 2:17:34 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
MSNBC had a little fun at Morris's expense, using a screen shot from a distance away, revealing that Morris was speaking to rows of empty chairs. I hope he hasn't rented an apartment in Philadelphia. In a few ratings periods, he'll be shown the door just like at FNC.
- Laurece Glavin
(3/14/2013 9:57:13 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
What is happening at 1210 - I remember when it was fun to listen to and we actually learned something. The Angry Birds got Anbrier,,,,, and added their Third Kuckoo to the nest.
This station has turned into nothing but a Mutual Adiration Society of Get off My Lawn Rush/Sean/Limbaugh Stepford Wanna=Be's.... Leave the Kuckoo Nest,,,, the closk strikes three and your replaced.
What a shame

- Jane

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