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Pandora CEO Pounds Radio's Weak Spot

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(2/14/2013 7:36:04 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
While I do think some radio companies push the envelope too far on commercial loads, I have news for Mr. Kennedy: I know a number of Pandora users who are already complaining about them playing "so many commercials". Face it. If some listeners had their way, the proper number of commercials to them would be zero.

But radio should remember - we're only a generation or so away from the days of AM radio's 18-24 minute loads per hour.

- Kevin Fodor
(2/14/2013 7:23:46 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I make a living helping radio sales people sell commercials, but Kennedy is right. We do air too many commercials. In our advertiser seminars one of the formulas we expose is "Share of voice = share of mind = share of market" It's hard to capture a dominant share of voice when everyone is talking.
- wayne ens
(2/14/2013 6:56:32 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Nice try Pandora, but it will never take the place of traditiona terrestrial radio. We're immediate, relevant to our communities of service, and provide local information that Pandora or any podcaster cannot. Pandora is a nice mobile add-on, but I put my money on our local stations. Sure, 10 commercial spot clusters add to listener fatigue, but local personality and strong local news attribution, especially with the fall of traditional print, will only serve to enhance local radio
- Rick Brancadora

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