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Sprint To Make FM Available On Smartphones

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Interviews are irritating, powerless predicaments that could make you get rid of your "cool," which torpedoes your odds of a profession supply, Lammers claims. But remembering once you ended up the a single around the driver's seat looks to reverse that self esteem drain, he provides.
ray ban wayfarer

- ray ban wayfarer
(1/8/2013 5:47:56 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Can Smulyan from Emmis...or anyone... give a compelling answer to this question: If a consumer (especially the under 30 year olds) can listen on their phone to a streaming music option, with minimal commercials...why would they go to an FM station on their phone, and have to listen to 6,8,10, or more commercials in a row? They won't!
- Bob

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