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Has Consolidation Critically Injured Radio?

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(1/3/2013 11:13:00 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It is understandable that companies have to make budget cuts and personnel changes in the course of business. HOWEVER, the WAY it is done by some large Radio companies leaves a lot to be desired. How can a 15-20 year veteran who has invested a "lifetime" or major part of their life with a company be disposed of without a thank you, any dignity, grace or appreciation for their service is beyond me. And yet that same company expects to recruit high talent into their ranks... hmmm.... wonder why our industry suffers when actions like this are standard operating procedure. Maybe there's a reason new talent isn't beating down our door. It used to be a very seductive industry and it now appears we struggle to get good people to respond to recruitment ads. There are many markets where Radio groups struggle to replace management positions. Wonder why.
- RGuy
(1/3/2013 7:46:08 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Other than a very few principals who have been dining heartily off radio's table will there be anyone else who can argue persuasively that consolidation has served or been of benefit to anybody else.

Nor is there anything "natural" about the state in which radio finds itself. This was a grand grab - sanctioned and facilitated by government - that went horribly awry. The difference is in that the thugs who stole radio from broadcasters didn't even bother to maintain even a questionable standard of audience and client services.

While I appreciate the value of applying the niceties of respect and recognition in the workplace, there is now an absolute need for the caliber of broadcasting (on-air presentation and commercial production) to be significantly upgraded.

As corporate and others who adopted the model have found out to their chagrin: They bought an enormous number of MEDIA (radio) outlets in the belief that owning the medium was enough to guarantee profits. That and an aggressive sales approach would be all that was required.

What they didn't (and still don't) know is: the money is in the MESSAGING. And of course, they have been killing the messengers for about 20 years. But only in the last 10 years have they become highly skilled at it - and more enthusiastic about the practice of laying waste.

These are people unworthy of deference or respect.... with all due respect. And another junket to New York or Vegas will only yield more of the peripheral pleasures of those towns.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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