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With due respect to Mel, and in defense of Ron, it appears Ron is suggesting a campaign to reach a station's cume (every listener) with a weekely frequency of 3 or 4. That would be a pretty healthy schedule, would it not?
- Jerry Ferch
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Well, wouldn't you know it. There is Ron Robinson, the announcer/production guy, telling advertisers not to buy too many ads. "3 or 4 per listener per week". We wouldn't want any advertiser to stand out, now would we, Ron?
Ron, have you ever earned your paycheck selling radio advertising? Not production, not announcing, not programming but full-time advertising sales? Of course you haven't. Please confine your comments to occurances within the glass cage we keep your type in.

- Mel
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The good news is in that advertisers don't have to go all that deep in their buys. If they know their target-market, they can narrow it down and still be efficient.
I have already mentioned Frequency (3 or 4 hits on each listener per week seems to work quite nicely.) Creative and Consistency (A 52-week buy pretty much covers that!)

What I didn't mention is how the Creative is so very, very important. Most stations are guilty of putting out spots from the creative production team of PaP & Drek.

- Ronald T. Robinson
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Mr. Morin's testimony is of use only if the radio people reading it don't rationalize, justify, minimize and blame (actions of those about to fail).
The company's success with enough radio can happen with virtually any business. Typical obstacles to a business doing only solid radio usually include the station sales manager, station program director, traffic girls, production goons, announcers, all of whom dislike ads and/or dislike work. Only inventive, creative salesmen, working with a clent and his goals can overcome the ingrained establishments that exist at many stations, preventing success stories like Mr. Morin's.

- Mel
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Rainy Night - I'm on the team, and I don't place the buy (a brilliant man named Steve Rae does), but I think we buy all the major companies in town and a couple independents as well. I'm pretty sure we bought 13 stations deep last time around. We only buy once per year - for 52 weeks. Year after year.
- Tim Miles
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How about that - Mr. Morin understands radio advertising better than a blue-ribbon, multi-billion-dollars-to-spend panel of CMO's!

Thanks for sharing his story, Ed. There are thousands of others put there, just like his. Let's keep collecting them and showcasing them for the benefit of the naysayers.

And, Mr. Morin: well done! Thank you.

- Rod Schwartz - Radio Sales Cafe

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