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Cumulus Chairman Jeff Marcus

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Interviews are disturbing, powerless scenarios which will cause you to shed your "cool," which torpedoes your odds of a job give, Lammers suggests. But remembering as you were being the a person within the driver's seat appears to reverse that self-assurance drain, he provides.
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(2 part comment below - the bottom one is first)
- radiomike
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the actual hard quantities which would indicate how a small number can easily increase by a large percentage).

Rather confusing. No wonder GMs march to the beat of a different drummer.

- radiomike
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I continue to be fascinated at how the management of this magazine preaches one thing and some of the contributors preach opposites. Those contributors in particular being Ronald Robinson, Marc Morgan, and Matt Sunshine.

I agree with the last three on just about every point in this week's articles. But at the top we hear "content content content" and "local local local" and "change change change" and "tell our story better" and "look at the percentage increase in digital revenue!" (without

- radiomike

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