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Shakeup At Clear Channel Riverside

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(12/6/2012 11:47:33 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Now that Ridzak is gone, Clear Channel could save more money by having Clear Channel/L.A. oversee the Riverside operations, as Scott Welsh is not a sales guy, and he'll never be (He knows only one thing, TALK B.S.) Even the office manager in Riverside could do a better job handling the daily ooerations than Scitt Welsh. Corporate actually believes that the account list Welsh manages is because he actually generated those sales!! As the old adage goes, "To each its own..."
- Michael
(12/6/2012 11:38:39 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
You have all the credenbtials, Bob. Perhaps ownership is in your future.
- Jim
(12/6/2012 11:35:40 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Clear Channel got rid of the wrong guy. How can Clear Channel not see the obvious: Scott Welsh, Director of Sales, is not a salesperson, much less Director of Sales!! All he knows to do is YAP, YAP, YAP. He doesn't know how to conduct an effective sales meeting, much less to be a leader. Someone needs to tell him to shut up and and start selling!
- Steven
(12/6/2012 11:19:02 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content

- Steven
(12/6/2012 12:20:39 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
I worked for Bob Ridzak in sales. One HELLUVA guy, and leader!... Bob rolls up the sleeves, and gets right out there, and fights the fight with you! I think others at KGGI would agree. ... Clear Channel's loss will be someone else's terrific gain.
- Bob MacKay

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