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Shakeup At Clear Channel Riverside

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Agree with Mike K. Scott cannot sell anything. Anybody that went out on calls with him knows that he cannot sell anything. All of KGGI’s good sales people ended up leaving to other radio stations in the market working for real sales managers that have great leader skills. Don’t take my word for it, call them at KFRG, KOLA, KCXX, KQIE. Scott you need to learn how to sell radio. first step is to listen to your clients needs, they don’t want to hear you bla bla bla. Maybe you should register for the SCBU classes and learn about radio sales.
- John B
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Scott is an idiot. Everyone that worked for him can tell you that. He is a joke in the market. He cannot sell anything. All he does is talk and talk and talk. I know so many good sells people that left because of Scott. They let go of the wrong guy. I thing Scott should just quit on his own because he is next!!!!
- Mike K
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I'm sorry these guys lost their jobs, especially Bob Ridzak who is a stand-up guy with lots of energy and drive.
What pisses me off is these clowns at CC think they can run Radio Stations by remote control. And especially this market where they'll probably try & run Riverside/San Bern from LA. This slaps every Radio guy who's worked the LA agencies for the last 20 years trying to make the case that this is a SEPARATE market! Talk about driving into a ditch!

- Gerry C
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For those trying to get in touch with Bob his new cell number is 951-337-0785. When he was terminated they confiscated his phone which had all of his contacts. This is his new number. (I'm a former KGGI employee and long-time friend of both Bob and Scott).
Paul P

- Paul P
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To Ulyse Narden:

I applaud and congratulate you for your wise comment; no one else could have stated it as precise as you. And for those few complaining, it's clear that they IGNORE the facts. And in sales and management, just like in politics, you better withstand the heat that comes from your performance and the truth, otherwise, don't even get involved in it. Once again, thank you Ulyse for your valuable input and wise comment!

- Paul Smith
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Your valuable contributions will certainly be missed Harley.
- Ulyse Nardin

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