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Who is Going to Tell Radio's Story?

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(12/4/2012 2:22:48 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Ronald Robinson is correct. ...Radio SHOULD be dynamic, LIVELY (note that LIVE is literally part of that word) and CREATIVE. For the most part, radio is none of those anymore. Ed, you said don't talk about consolidation...but consolidation is PRECISELY why radio has seen its allure and value, both commoditized and compromised-- the big cost-cutting corporate owners, KILLED the creativity and up and coming radio talent. Deal with it, people.
- Bob
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And now for some content....
Because radio is ubiquitous, Ed, doesn't necessarily mean it has any particular significance or impact on an audience that may or may not be truly engaged.

Radio doesn't have a "story" because the one that can be told is that of a shabby, systematic and conscious destruction of the elements required to make of it a significant part of the media landscape.

We can include the "live" and therefore spontaneous (which I think is key) on-air presentations of legitimate talent across all dayparts and the creation of appealing and influential commercial content. They're mostly all gone now.

Indeed, 100% of the audience breaths air, and a lot of that air has radio station signals in there. But nobody notices either one unless it becomes exasperatingly foul or refreshingly invigorating.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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