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(10/24/2013 2:26:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
jF3PL7 I value the article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.
- NY
(11/26/2012 5:00:44 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
This column seems like something out of 1982. Point 7...Adair is advocating more sales meetings?! Seriously??!! Wow. Old school, pre-digital mentality like Adair DOESN'T GET IT ANYMORE. The key to driving more sales, and NEW sales, is NOT tying up more of salespeoples' valuable selling time with more "meetings"!! Who cares if you EVER see a salesperson, if they are OUT SELLING. And if you want to "know where someone is"...there is this new device called a CELL PHONE...
- Bob MacKay
(11/26/2012 7:59:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Only because of my own bias, I would make #4 - SPECS and GREAT CREATIVE - numbers 1., 2, and 3.
The facts include: Even if a station is number 18 in a market of 30, they still have only the creative to influence the audience they do enjoy.
How this simple reality passes the management by may always leave me befuddled.
However, if creative is agency-supplied or other-station supplied, the managers do have a handy and already-packaged excuse.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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