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Are You Trying to Kill Off AM Radio?

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(11/19/2012 9:11:53 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The headline should have read, Bud Walters makes the case for all AM radio stations to move to FM.

Why should AM operators incur the extra expense of running two signals broadcasting the same programming. Isn't it time to recognize that it's an FM world and simply make it possible for all AM radio stations to secure an FM dial position in their service area?

I recent poll I did of radio broadcast students showed that none of them listened to AM radio but DID listen to FM radio. The next generation is already there.

WTOP and others have shown how moving a successful format to FM improves the franchise and service to the citizens it serves.

The FM chip in all smartphones would also insure that ALL radio stations could be heard in this way via these ubiquitous devices. The chips are already in our smartphones, let's work to get them activated.

- Dick Taylor
(11/19/2012 8:32:25 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Bud's idea is one small step in the right direction. Here's a couple of others:

1). Allow AM's with translators to do separate programming on the FM translator at least 10% of the week. Why? Many AM's carry pbp sports - sometimes two or more franchises. These broadcasts represent a substantial income stream. When play dates conflict and two teams (different sports) play on the same date at either the same time or close by, the station has to choose between one or the other. (cont below)

- Iconoclast
(11/19/2012 8:31:34 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content

(11/19/2012 8:30:57 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Having the ability to do a small amount of sep programming will be a real help. Also, stations could stay with their regular programming on one facility while broadcasting sports on the other.

2). The commission needs to stop allowing new technologies to interfere with AM reception. The technologies should be refined to not allow AM interference before approval.

- Iconoclast
(11/19/2012 7:15:13 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
So he's trying to revitalize AM Radio with...FM Radio.

- SN

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