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(SOCIAL) Making Listeners Share Your Social Content

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(11/14/2012 10:41:58 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Radio personalities hopefully have been doing this stuff for years on the air or in interaction with listeners at station events and concerts. Listeners are open relationship with personalities and seek value they think we have.

It is that little extra step to think about the listener experience that defines the really great content generators from everybody else.

The opportunities opening up on this front are not just competitive with radio. They may provide employment opportunities beyond traditional radio for those who are very good at connecting this way. The creativity from radio is a benefit in social media and you should consider learning social media to be a career enhancement.

Thank you for the kind words. Pass along the "common sense" because it might be helpful to some people we know and love in this business. You can make a difference. Thanks again.

- Loyd
(11/14/2012 10:02:43 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Loyd: This is a common sence stuff that is realy good. Why don't most on air types understand how important this is to their future. Thanks and congrats. Well done. J.
- jay clark

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