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Online Listening Exploding. Is it at the Expense of Radio?

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Not sure this proves Joe Kennedy right at all. 'Face logic' aside, the results do not conclusively show that Internet radio is cutting into time spent listening of AM/FM radio or CDs and digital music for that matter. There are two plausible explanations for why the % of Pandora users who also listen to music on other platforms has dropped over the past 3 years: 1) Pandora listeners might in fact listen less to music on other platforms as time goes by; or, just as likely 2)the early Pandora listeners were simply bigger music fans in general and, as Pandora expands its audience base and brings in more casual music fans, it also draws in people who are less likely to listen to music on other platforms. This would give the appearance that Pandora listeners are migrating from other music platforms when in fact it's just that Pandora's growing audience base is starting to look more like normal music fans and less like hyperactive music fans, listening to music on every device and at every opportunity.
- Jeff Vidler
(11/9/2012 2:17:23 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Seems delusions have found a watering-hole right here.
There isn't a senior manager reading these bits who is not fully aware of the massive deficiencies under which radio is suffering - all of them self-imposed.
Over the years, that cost-cutting was chosen and continues as a strategy over improvement of the medium only demonstrates a.) the cynicism of the management-corp, b.) the short-sightedness of same and, c.) the lack of knowledge and/or motivation to take corrective measures. (Same suspects.)

As to "former jocks": Being on the air in the majority of today's contemporary on-air environments no longer constitutes "meaningful work" for a grownup.

- Ronald T. Robinson
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Jen - thanks for confirming my observation that all of the people kicking the media are bitter ex-radio hacks.

- Realist

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