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Why Most Radio Campaigns Fail

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yIMTXU I cannot thank you enough for the article.Thanks Again. Awesome.
- NY
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- NY
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- NY
(10/16/2012 11:19:27 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thanks Giff...good stuff for our morning sales meeting here at KAYO/KGY.
- Jackson Dell Weaver
(10/9/2012 10:34:33 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
By the way, Giff (and this comment is more for other readers), while I am satisfied that all the issues you addressed are valid, there are other aspects of commercial production that the industry has yet to even begin to contemplate.
We (Radio) have a very long way to go before we can claim to be among the more sophisticated of advertising providers.
It could be argued we are lucky to even have the seven percent of revenue we are able to generate.

- Ronald T. Robinson
(10/9/2012 9:47:36 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thanks for the educated info, Giff. Although, I wouldn't be so hard on the "creative" aspect of commercial production. Any "creative" that generates an emotional response that can be connected (in the spot) to the advertisers' messages can be of tremendous influence. Further, recall is not as important as one might presume - given the rather spooky impact that electronic media has on the brains of us poor, unsuspecting saps.:)
- Ronald T. Robinson

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