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TV Always Gets The Buy Before Radio?

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(10/2/2012 3:16:01 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Had to put down my smart phone and tablet and turn off the TV in my office a minute to offer some feedback.
There's a reason You Tube receives millions of uploads everyday and ranks second to Google for search volume. That newspapers (and many radio groups) have video production departments for their on line edition and top digital magazines imbed video into their content and their ad space. It satisfies demand.
Consumers can be stimulated about a product or service with audio, but will seek out video to educate themselves on the path to purchase.
TV is still the core platform to launch an inviting educational video experience to the masses and guide those ready to buy to opt in to the digital sales funnel.

- JS
(10/2/2012 9:40:34 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Al Ries says it best. If the ads won't work without the pictures, they won't work at all. Agencies make money producing TV ads, not Radio. Still, Radio doesn't actually believe in itself. Both Ries and Roy Williams know that dollar for dollar - and time for time - if those things are equal - Radio gets results equal to - or better than - any other form of advertising. We don't sell it that way, so they don't think of it that way either.
- Charlie Ferguson
(10/2/2012 9:03:53 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Pure and simple; agencies make big margins on tv production. Yes, radio can raise rates, but that doesn't matter to agencies, who in some cases make margins on the difference between their quoted CPP to the client and what they can actually bring the market in for. However, it's the high percent return on video production that makes tv so attractive to agencies.
- bill duerden
(10/2/2012 8:51:47 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content

- Charlie Ferguson
(10/2/2012 6:55:25 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It is my experience both in field and in conversations with Agency execs that the reason that TV is bought first is that it is THE MOST EXPENSIVE. Agencies can spend the media budget fastest on TV with the smallest expense in staff. Radio takes significant time and staffing because it is cheap. The solution is, and has always been: Rais the rates.
- Walter Sabo

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