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Radio's Digital Awakening

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- NY
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The proof is in the pudding that Radio has not been able to adequately monetize our digital assets to this point. Buuuutttt....Are these some of the smarmiest people you've ever encountered? For decades advertising agencies have been cut and dried cost-per-point nazis and now they think they are a combination of Bob Dylan, PT Barnum and Steve Jobs. The notion that their clients don't want to be associated with 'risque' material on station websites reminds me of the advertisers in 1968 that didn't want to advertise on the #1 station in the market because it played 'devil music'. And the comments regarding 'sex' on station websites are laughable. Lord knows no one watching TV or surfing on line ever encounters scantily clad women. This really seems to be much more 'revenge of the buyers'. After decades of being forced through limited media choices to deal with radio now they want to belittle and buy around it, often at their clients peril. McDonalds, Geico, Home Depot etc have it right. Radio's primary and ubiquitous strength is our over the air, online and mobile content and engagement. Creatively applied to current and future digital applications it can't be beat.
- Brew Michaels
(9/26/2012 10:45:42 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Let us make great haste to try to be that which we are not. Our online listeners represent real challenges:
A) Union rules forbid some of our client's ads from airing on the web.
B) Our traffic software folks won't put a "yes - no" gate in to traffic an online log at order entry
C) The local listenership that counts is too small to monetize. The End

- Charlie Ferguson
(9/26/2012 10:15:14 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
The warnings and alternatives have been issued for years to radio's leadership to break out of the model. Now that the Philistines are at the gate, radio can either put up a weak , but doomed defense or... hire them and incorporate them and their newer methodologies.
Poor programming, shabby commercial production, tawdry sales and marketing and juvenile promotion strategies all have limited shelf lives.
Audiences, advertisers and agencies are no longer amused about being abused.

- Ronald T. Robinson

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