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News/Talk Format Dragging Cumulus Down

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(8/11/2012 8:53:04 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Cumulus, you have no one to blame but yourselves when you bring in a total bore and phony like Gerry Rivera! In LA except for a few air talents like Larry Elder and John Phillips, all your hosts are the worst in town. Morning drive is a blackhole of talent.
- Webster P
(8/11/2012 3:21:00 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
WABC, WLS, KABC, once legendary role models for talk radio, reduced to being an embarrassment. Lack of pride is obvious, no excitement, boring radio and if Huckabee makes any meaningful contribution of success for Cumulus, Huckabee needs direction...Limbaugh doesn't...he's a rock star. Huckabee thus far is a modern day version of Arthur Godfrey and sounds as dated.

- John Rook
(8/11/2012 7:28:37 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
KGO didn't seem to be dragging down Disney/ABC or even Citadel. It was my understanding that KGO was subsidizing the rest of the station group during the final days of Citadel. Cumulus fired all the talent and went to "news on the cheap". The station is unlistenable. You alienate your legacy audience and then wonder why the station is dragging you down? It's about the content stupid.
- JD
(8/10/2012 8:12:33 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Lew Dickey has no one to blame for the News/Talk poor performance other than himself.

The guy has no practical major market programming knowledge in the format.
No applicable knowledge and ignorance about what is needed for success in the format.

Watching this spoiled brat destroy station after station is the best thing that can happen to him. When all of the marbles are counted he will have nothing left except towers and equipment and no listeners.

So sad that Dickey is so self-centered he had no tolerance to learn from the huge and excellent talent pool he once had on staff.

- Jim Schlichting
(8/10/2012 4:25:09 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Didn't this all start with Bob "Booble" Struble and his Big Group Radio CEO's when they decided to squeeze every last drop from radio by destroying it then planning to go IPO?
- Boner
(8/10/2012 4:22:34 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content

- Anon
(8/10/2012 2:14:02 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Does anyone have a success story for narrowly-focused programming appealing to a limited audience segment of a particular mindset?
- Robert Jenkins

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