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aSYoHk Thanks so much for the blog post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.
- NY
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January 19, in NBA game: George 7 remember three distribute rocket 6 straight | lang 30 + 7 but by overtime victory over the
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"They always trying to destroy our pass line, we in the game had never can set up their own advantage. - LinShuHao said.
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- edomlgc
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Bill: cristiano ronaldo is the best player in the world today
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Tottenham player bell thought that real Madrid striker cristiano ronaldo is his favourite player, he is in real Madrid last night to celta's game through the Twitter said: "cristiano ronaldo and a hat trick! I think he is the best player in the world today."
And the net friend ask bill who is he against the best players, bell said: "may be cristiano ronaldo or ronaldinho.

- ksubrmn
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Note: US Representative NANCY Pelosi and some fellow democrats want to take away the freedom of speech of the business and corporated world. Is there anyone in this country not affected by such a move, and even if they weren't I believe in the US Constitution as it stands. We need to keep the freedom of speech across the board and to vote her and her colleagues out of office. What Nancy Pelosi and colleagues in the US House of Reps represents appears to have something to do with not only the loss of the freedom of speech, that is the right of American businessmen to defend themselves against corrupt moves made by members of the US Senate and House, but also what I perceive to be connections to problem areas such as the presence of Mexican cops, officials and perhaps executioners in this country and what this particular symptom appears to have to do with the health of the American Congress, also border issues, appropriations for the US Military such as when the Obama administration chose to cut 500 billion back the past several months, and others where Pelosi and Democrats and others in the US House are trying to write legislation that mirrors what I believe are questionable moves by people in the US Senate such as Senator Harry Reed. America cannot defend itself against the government if we allow people like Pelosi and Reed to take away our right to speech by virtue of the fact that they may perceive that they have a very real problem with this country as politicians, that is America's suspicion regarding their motives and history, and therefore feeling that they need the loss of the American right to freedom of speech in order to survive. MIchael .....Next: A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF WITH COMMENTS:

Note: The following information was given me anonymously during a visit to Ft Stockton, Tx in Pecos County in reference to the conduct of employees at the Lynaugh Unit, part of the Texas Dept of Corrections facility, and while this report appears to have been false, I would like to state that there is reason to believe that the content of the report is consistent with the political objectives of some members of the US Congress and could conceivably be implemented if the public does not focus on their agenda. Tip: The US Congress and their Criminal Justice Policy: TDC Lynaugh Unit in Ft Stockton, Tx. This unit appears to be operating in the following manner with support from Gov Perry and the US Congress. Persons being interogated in the county jail and involving severe and life threatening paddlings and torture, which some say could involve virtually anything and thereby leave the inmates permanently disfigured or dead even upon receiving the first strike of a paddle on the bare buttocks and done in such a manner that causes a shock to the brain and spinal cord. Persons being interrogated there in the manner or method of A through Z questioning that may or may not have anything to do with the reason they are there, meant to stir up information about anything you ever did wrong, and for which resistance thereof to any question will result in a probably severe paddling, the first strike thereof which could cause your death could via this process be found guilty by the interrogator and without the benefit of a jury will be transported to a state prison facility for additional interrogations, beatings, torture and if found to be related to the interrogation the prospect of being executed. Executions at the Lynaugh Unit are understood to involve and supported by the US Congresss hidden written policy, which they appear to be subjecting to state control at least via unofficial comments, could involve being hung by the neck until dead, or the electric chair at high voltage, or beaten to death with a club. The method chosen depends on the Governor whom is understood to never have resinded the decision to execute anyone, but may have stalled it long enough to get more information via interrogation or to step up the date. That is it, and Congress or the President of the Governor refuse so far to discuss these policies with anyone. It is alledged that thousands of young women may be being beaten to death in jails across the US to date for petty crimes via this process. Also Congress is understood to have written laws that enable some courts to send defendant to prisons of a private or secret status even abroad as long as the defintion of their facilities is consistent with the intent to house an inmate. This process could enable our government to rid themselves of political opposition by placing defendants in prisons in other countries whom practice brutal methods of interrogation that could ultimately lead the inmate to being horrifically executed. The cost of this unwritten or hidden policy is $ 174, 000 to 230,000 per member of Congress per year, and then there are the cost of the loss of lifes, businesses and the like for their defendants. Also in

- michael duerksen

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