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Arsene wenger: the referee error change the situation, continuous lost key war disappointing
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In mata score break the deadlock goals before Chelsea midfielder ramirez KeKuiLin for fouls action, the sidelines arsene wenger to see in a rage. He attacked atkinson ignore the foul decision, wenger said: "the referee today found a lot of free kick, some of the severity of the ball at KeKuiLin less than this. This is very disappointing. This does

- Gugylg
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Rival boss chaff: I hope cristiano ronaldo gatekeepers Kathy charge
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The royal society's boss have tower against real Madrid before an interview said: "I hope the porters cristiano ronaldo, Kathy department job right winger, but I think jose mourinho won't listen to me. But seriously, no matter who were for real Madrid, we are the high level goalkeeper. Real Madrid player is a threat, the forward this ze horse, higuain, cristiano ronaldo, midfie

- Gugcrc

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