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The Legendary Al Ries: "Radio Playing Too Many Ads"

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Two words: Well, duh!
- Steve
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Radio is the "original" social media - which means engaging the listeners as friends and deeming their attention to the station as a great value. Five-minute commercial sets are not engaging, and in fact, deter TSL and fan loyalty. Radio must maximize profits with minimized inventory, and seek a more diversified path of sell-able assets (web - digital - social media - special events, etc.) We have to get over trying to get the "easy" buck at the expense of the listener.
- Ken Hammock
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Branding with the listener is one thing, and we can argue that point forever. Branding with the ad community is where I see big trouble. we have too much invenory, and have created our own monster with various Remnant Invenory companies that we need to put out of business. All we are doing is sending a the wrong message to advetisers that there is no sense of urgency to book radio first, and that will never create the proper demand on inventory that will raise our values.
- Ed Krampf

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