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No One Sees Or Hears My Ad

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Although already mentioned in my own articles, the following might bear repeating.
Ask anyone which three radio commercials have they heard where they went out and bought the product or service. The vast majority of those questioned will have difficulty in coming up with one - never mind two or three. Staggering? Not really.

Radio (and other electronically-delivered media) are processed, primarily, by the sub-dominant brain hemisphere - a part of the brain that deals with content and memory of that content very, very poorly.

Electronic media, however, does access those capacities that are emotionally-based. (This is why folks can remember the funny bits, but not the sponsor.)

Fortunately, Recall is not the only factor that generates Behavior. Indeed, Radio, TV and da Web are fine advertising platforms. Just don't expect a memory-medal - with oak clusters - to be a part of the package.

- Ronald T. Robinson
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"Do not throw an advertising campaign out there and expect a horde of customers to run into the business and mention the ad"...Now, if you were selling newspaper or direct mail advertising, this is exactly what you would expect. Customers coming through the door, coupons in hand. And making a purchase. Which is why radio remains a "secondary" buy to most local advertisers. Yes, Joseph A Bank is a great exception.
- Larry Grimes

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