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19K0ue Thanks again for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.
- NY
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ZAZInS Great article.Thanks Again. Really Great.
- NY
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- lol
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As a further response to Bill, not "Bob": The kind of Music Radio I want is the kind that dominates markets and makes the ordering up of more cash-pails a prudent exercise.
Any use of the "we're too poor to innovate or develop"-excuse is like accepting a pro athlete's lament that they have a cat tied to their rump and, therefore, can't perform.
Solution: Release the kitty!

- Ronald T. Robinson
(3/22/2012 12:23:28 PM)   Flag as inappropriate content
Thanks, Bob, for the input. As I'm sure you would agree, you have articulated the pervasive attitude which, in practice, freezes everything and everybody. This is the position that leaves management to mutter, "Aw, rats!"

In all my pieces for Radio Ink, I have been alluding to a significant number of techniques - all making up a "methodology" that has had extraordinary impacts on the stations to which they were applied. Anything else and I would be guilty of bleating just more philosophical noise.

Meanwhile, Bob, and while I agree the costs would be prohibitive for a stand-alone or small group of stations, the matter of ROI is very much a factor.
So, what, in your view, would be a reasonable, desirable ROI for undertaking such developments and improvements?

- Ronald T. Robinson
(3/22/2012 8:20:12 AM)   Flag as inappropriate content
It isn't going to change any time soon. The economics of the industry preclude it. We've gotten 5-10% of the revenue pie for so long that it seems like a law of physics. And there are so many stations in most markets that nobody can realistically project massive ratings. Thus the kind of radio you want costs too much to provide a decent return on capital. In fact, in the case of many stations, I'd already be better off putting the money in Treasuries. My job as a manager is to provide ROI.
- Bill

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